Why book with us

Our company has been operating as a full service tour operator in Vietnam since 2010 under International Tour Operator License Number No 48-036/TCDL-GP LHQT. We have also been online for nearly a decade, which is a long time in internet terms. Thousands of clients have put their faith in us over the years to provide exciting tours in fascinating Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, tailored to their specific interests and requirements.

Mission Statement

Tours Offering Freedom and Flexibility

Commitment to Quality


  • Quality tours - we put ourselves in our clients' shoes.
  • Quality people - highly trained professionals in all departments
  • Quality website - easy to navigate with comprehensive content
  • Quality service - "our future depends on our past"


In our business, attention to detail is the key to quality. Every tour that we book is meticulously planned to try to ensure that it runs seamlessly. Our people personally inspect the attractions and hotels to ensure that they reach the standard that we and our clients expect while providing a true and authentic experience.


Integrity and Honesty - First and Foremost

Value Guarantee

Submitting a claim:

 Any claims should be submitted to us via email at info@vei.vn clearly stating the reason for your claim and including the original quotation and tour itinerary

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